Six essential foods for a Ketogenic Diet & LCHF Nutrition

Six essential foods for a Ketogenic Diet & LCHF Nutrition

Keto foods are those that allow for the person who is eating them to experience the process of ketosis and burn ketones for energy.

The body swaps from eating high carb foods to instead eating and consuming calories mainly from fats.

This is a process that someone who goes from eating a high carb diet to a low carb high fat. Based on fats instead of carbs.

You are still able to eat healthy meats and fruits but only in moderation and have access to the best food options in the long term when trying to lose weight.

We will check out six essential foods to eat on a ketogenic diet and why they are good for health.

Why Eat a Diet of Keto Foods

Eating ketogenic diet foods is good for health as much as it is good for the overall situation of the person who is consuming it.

It is a way to ensure that there is always a healthy choice as well as reducing sugar to avoid inflammation.

Become a Fat Burning Machine with The Keto Beginning
Become a Fat Burning Machine

Much information has been written over the years about how bad fats are for your health. It’s said you need to only consume tiny amounts daily.

Therefore it’s normal for people to think avoiding fats and eating more carbohydrates are the healthiest option.

You only need to try a high-fat diet to see the amazing benefits it can have, read a more detailed intro to keto here.

There is access to so many healthy, nutritious foods that will nurture the body.

When you are able to enjoy the best foods, you will see that there will be an instant rapid weight loss as well as the ability to be able to have access to many new foods and choices that otherwise you might not have considered?


Six essential foods for a Ketogenic Diet #lowcarb #keto #LCHF #lowcarbalpha
Keto diet essential foods to include on your diet plan

Six essential foods to eat on a keto diet

  • Avocados

Avocados are an extremely healthy, nutrient dense food high in fiber with 25g-30g healthy fats per pear.

It’s the only fruit that gives ample amount so healthful monounsaturated fats.

If consuming a diet high in avocados or avocado oil, then you can expect a decrease in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and an improvement in HDL cholesterol. (1)

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For many people, bacon and eggs or scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese is a staple food for breakfast on the keto diet.

Besides eating in the morning eggs are very versatile. There easy to incorporate into many quick, easy meals throughout the day including keto recipes considering there are zero carbs.

An easy, affordable way to get your fats and protein.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps increase metabolism, and excellent for controlling the appetite. Easy to use in preparation for keto fat bombs.

MCTs within coconut oil are incredibly easy for the body to convert into energy quickly and boost ketones within the body.

  • Grass fed butter

Not a food to eat on its own of course but a must have for food preparation.

Remember to try to obtain fats from natural sources whenever possible.

Rich in CLA(Conjugated linoleic acids), which may help promote fat loss. Not to mention grass-fed butter is virtually carb-free.

  • Olives

Receive all the benefits of olive oil but in food form.

Olives are high heart-healthy fats and most of the carbs within coming from fiber. With many anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Olives, whatever the color is easy to include in salads by simply sprinkling on top of mixed lettuce leaves.

Perfect to eat for light lunches when you’re at work or home alike.

  • Kale

All green veggies are good here, but kale is a true superfood. It’s filled with nutrients such as folate and magnesium to improve heart health.

A part of the cabbage family, kale is easy to cook with and is packed with nutrients to boost your immune system

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Why are Keto Foods Good for Health

When you are looking for a diet that is full of keto foods, you will be looking at one that will assure that you are able to be healthy, slender and fit.

Incorporating and consuming just these 6 foods above daily you’re changing your gut microbiota.

You will have more energy than you ever knew was possible before. (2)

Enjoying and eating keto foods enables you to have the best physique, the most energy and everything that you need to assure that you look and feel incredible.

200+ tasty paleo recipes
Get 200+ Tasty Paleo Recipes

If you’re looking for the best way to have a flat belly and know that you are able to feel much better about everything that you are putting into your body, then LCHF dieting is a must to attempt.

The best way is to swap to a diet that is full of ketogenic diet foods. It will leave you feeling healthy, satisfied, and relaxed.

When you eat high-fat foods regularly, your focus will improve dramatically. You can concentrate much better on doing what you really want to do.

You are making a change in your body that will reduce heart problems, inflammation, and the risk of cancer and diabetes.

LCHF Nutrition

There are many reasons that man abandoned the keto low carb high fat foods many years ago.

Most of them have to do with the fact that there was simply not enough food in all of the world for man to be able to eat in that way.

That meant it was important to focus on being able to create cheaper sources of food that did not have the same level of nutrition.

That’s one of the reasons many people now are not eating fatty foods.

Instead, we have an entire society that is focusing on eating fast meals and not those that are nutritious.

To adapt to a high-fat diet, you should have staple foods to eat every day.

There are many foods to eat on a when changing to a low carb diet see our keto diet list for more. We would love to hear what your favorite meals are to eat on keto.

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