Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

In this article, We’re going talk about chia seeds and the many Health benefits of chia seeds for weight loss and using them in your day to day life.

Chia seeds give a huge quantity of nutrients with very little amount of calories.

The seeds are high in antioxidants and nutrients especially high in omega fats, they’re high in B vitamins, and they’re also high in certain minerals like selenium.

They contain more Omega 3 than any other crops or fish oils with no fishy flavor.

Health benefits of chia seeds
Infographic on the health benefits of chia seeds

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Studies have shown that chia seeds can be as energizing as consuming sports drinks.

They are great for energy levels because it contains lots of healthy fats and it’s one of the highest plant-based sources of protein and some complex carbohydrates.

They are also high in fiber and help keep you fuller for longer.

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Now chia seeds are beneficial for a few other reasons.

The omega 3 fats are particularly high. They reduce inflammation so that can help fight heart disease it can help fight joint pain or arthritis anything that’s inflammatory any inflammatory condition chia seeds can help with that.

Using Chia Seeds in Recipes

Almost all carbs in chia seeds contain fiber with very little sugar.

They have a unique type of fiber called mucilaginous fiber. When you soak them in liquid, it becomes a gel-like substance which makes it into a great chia seed pudding, desserts, cakes etc.

You can make tasty vanilla pudding or chocolate chia puddings using protein powder.

Which food releases stored up toxins & melts belly fat fast?
Which food releases stored up toxins & melts belly fat fast?

For some of my other favorite recipes using chia seeds, I like to put a few tablespoons in my smoothies and protein shakes.

And one other unique thing about chia seeds is they can be used to replace eggs.

If you have a recipe and want to go egg free, consider using chia seeds. Eggs are so often connected to food allergies and food sensitivities.

Try mixing one tablespoon of chia seeds to three tablespoons of water mix. You’ll see it becomes so gelatinous it can replace an egg in any recipe.

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