How Does Ketosis Weight Loss Work

How Does Ketosis Weight Loss Work

When it comes to losing weight, most people usually experience a slow down just when they think they are making progress. This is mainly a result of the body working against the weight loss process through enhanced unhealthy food cravings.

This occurs as the body experiences a change in hormone levels. Most people then gain back the lost weight as they succumb to the pressure from hormones, and have to start the entire process all over again.

However, by following a LCHF ketogenic diet taking the body through ketosis, you can be able to reprogram the hormones and continue losing weight without stalling. How does ketosis weight loss work? Ketosis weight loss helps you keep up with your dieting plan ensuring that you meet your goals.

How does ketosis and weight loss work
Ketogenic diet for losing weight

How does Ketosis work for Weight Loss

When you reduce your calorie intake by implementing a low carb high fat ketogenic diet. Your body is forced to burns fats instead of carbs to get the level of energy needed. When the glycogen levels in the bloodstream drop, the body is forced to burn ketone bodies by using up fats instead of draining proteins in the muscles; this is referred to as ketosis.

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The ketone bodies prevent your body from working against you by reprogramming the active hormones in the process. This weight loss strategy can be used to successfully get your mind off food cravings all the time.

Ketosis Dieting Requirements

Ketosis and weight loss works so well due to the fact that it does not require any sort of starvation. It makes it possible to lose weight without starving yourself. The best diet to follow in this case is consuming healthy fats, low carbohydrate vegetables, and proteins.

Through this diet, you can ensure that your body is always satisfied as can eat as much as you need. For instance, on a ketogenic diet, you can consume large amounts of low carbohydrate vegetables and moderate proteins to keep you satisfied.

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How Does Ketosis Work

When you eat the intestines usually secrete a hormone referred to as cholecystokinin (CCK).

This hormone usually makes you feel full. As you lose weight, the intestines usually produce a lower quantity of this hormone meaning that you have to eat more to feel full.

The 2 Week Diet

However, research findings indicate that a ketogenic diet and ketosis for weight loss helps the body reset CCK levels to baseline levels (this refers to the levels you experienced before weight loss).

Ketosis also has an effect on another important hormone, ghrelin; also referred to as the hunger hormone. This hormone is produced in the small intestines and stomach. It peaks in the blood when hunger levels are high, and diminishes when we eat. Ketosis for weight loss maintains or even reduces the level of ghrelin even when you are dieting which makes shedding weight easy.

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