How to start a LCHF diet

How to start a LCHF diet

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Many people would like to know how to start a LCHF diet.

LCHF Diets can vary in different ways, is it a , and people often do not know what to eat.

For one thing, everybody has his/her own diet, which is our way of living. But for those people who are looking for a way to stay healthy or lose weight, there is the LCHF diet.

Also known as a high-fat diet or a ketogenic diet, often used it’s for children that are experiencing epilepsy but is gaining popularity due to its increasingly noted health benefits.

We will take a look at different foods you can include in your LCHF diet food list.

Low carb high fat should not be seen as a diet but as a lifestyle. It can be equally enjoyable for people who have no need to lose weight as for people who do.

You can get all the nutrition you need from a ketogenic diet menu and much much more, furthermore, it doesn’t need to be hard whatsoever.

To begin with, you have to overcome your concern of missing carbs and your .

For most people, the part of the meal most enjoyed is protein and fats, e.g. a tender chicken fillet, delicious smoked salmon.

The pasta or rice is there to fill your plate and provide the carbohydrates macronutrient.

Using a spiralizer, you can simply replace the rice with a side of mixed greens salad or the pasta with spiralized zucchini, and you’re on your way to carb reduction.

Learn to enjoy higher fat meals without looking too much into calorie counting. You will naturally eat less food and experience fullness faster.

As with all calorie controlled diets, you will likely gain the weight, and then more once normal eating resumes.

Therefore you must look at keto dieting as a lifestyle, not a short-term diet.

Optimal LCHF Macronutrients Ratio

Everybody knows that starting a new LCHF diet is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re going to change your body’s metabolism.

A Ketogenic diet requires you to eat adequate protein, high in fat and low in carbohydrate foods so that the body will burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

Getting your macronutrients correct to provide energy for your body can take some practice especially if new to low carb high-fat dieting. Optimal levels to aim for are at least 70% fats, 25% protein and 5% carbs.

If you’re one of those people who are interested in beginning a keto diet, then it’s important that you know .

Ensure you buy the right products in your local grocery store, prepare and cook the right meals for your new high diet to be successful for .

You need to learn which staple foods to eat and clear all the rest out from your fridge and cupboards.

However, if you live with others who are not looking to change their eating lifestyle, or have children, then LCHF dieting may be more challenging.

I myself started slowly and built up my tolerance for high-fat foods as opposed to the cold turkey approach. Once the body started using ketones for fuel, it was much easier for me maintain ketosis.

What to eat on LCHF Diet?

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Here is a simple small list for quick reading of ketogenic diet foods to savor every day.

Compact LCHF Diet Food List

Here are some typical keto foods to eat on a low carb high-fat diet.

All BerriesShellfishVinegar's
AvocadoNut milks
MeatNuts and Seeds
Nut Butters
Organ Meat
Herbs and Spices
Bone Broth
Non-Starchy VegetablesCoffeeOlives


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What to eat on a ketogenic diet, LCHF food list

Fats and Oils

On a low carb high fat diet, fats will obviously be the most important part, and the bulk of your daily calorie intake will come from it.

You’ll get your energy so choosing the right type of fats is critical to your success. One of our favorites has to be .

The taste is great, it’s easy to incorporate into recipes and super easy to carry around.

It’s important to get a balance between Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s since it’s also crucial for your diet.

If you’re not a fan of eating fish, then you can take fish oil supplements such as krill oil that will cover the lack of oil in your body.

Monounsaturated and saturated fats are the best ones to eat.

Always avoid hydrogenated fats like margarine because this can definitely ruin your ketogenic diet foods.

Studies link it to a higher chance of coronary heart disease. If you’re using vegetable oils choose the cold pressed options if available.

You can mix and add fats and oils in various ways to your meals.

Since it’s the main component of LCHF dieting, look to cook with, sprinkle over your salads or consume in beverages.

Coconut OilTallow
Walnut Oil
Red Palm Oil
Coconut ButterSesame Oil
MCT OilExtra virgin olive oil
Olive Oil
LardGrass-fed Butter
Coconut FleshDuck Fat
ButterMacadamia Oil
Avocado OilOrganic Cacao Butter


Always try to choose that are free-range eggs, grass-fed or organic to minimize your bacteria and steroid hormone intake. Fishes should be caught wild like mackerel, catfish, etc.

Bacon and sausage may be just fine but can contain mycotoxins, hidden MSG, or both. Avoid processed meats if possible but enjoy it occasionally if needed.

It’s’ easy to overindulge in foods high in protein while following a high-fat diet.

I prefer to eat free range eggs and fresh fish in small portions 2-3 times a day.

This way I easily hit my daily macro target of around 100g protein.


LambGround Pork
Ground TurkeyGround Beef

Cured & Premade Meats

Deli meatPepperoni
Hot dogsBaconSausages

Organ Meat

TongueBone marrow


Red SnapperPollock


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Eating veggies are super important whether you follow a LCHF, Paleo, or vegan way of eating.

Organic vegetables are going to be the best for fewer pesticide residues, but ordinary vegetables are fine to buy if you’re attempting to save money.

Either organic and non-organic will have similar nutritional values. Buy what is is the season for the best flavor.

Don’t purchase soft vegetables or those with brown spots as they can contain more toxins than normal.

I prefer to mainly eat vegetables that are leafy green and those that are grown above the ground.

Kale, spinach, and broccoli fall into this section and some of the healthiest to eat on a low carb high-fat diet.

Frozen veggies can sometimes be fresher than fresh vegetables since they’re frozen before they have time decompose on a shop shelf.

You deserve the best nutrition for your body so certainly don’t buy canned, dried, or preserved veg.

Eating enough vegetables will also reduce the need to .

GarlicSwiss ChardKimchi
ArtichokesRhubarbDandelion Greens
LeeksRomaine LettuceBrussels Sprouts
CollardsLeafy GreensLettuce
Spaghetti SquashRadishesScallion
Bok ChoyCauliflowerAubergine
PumpkinSauerkrautMustard Greens
CabbageChicory GreensCarrots
ParsleyChardBell Peppers

Dairy Products

Dairy can be inflammatory for some people and if that’s the case avoiding it altogether is best. Ghee is a good option for lower anti-inflammatory effects.

Check if you tolerate it by eliminating it from your diet for a period then reintroducing it.

Organic and raw milk will be the perfect choices for your ketogenic diet.

Always choose full fat over free-fat and low fat. You can shop for cottage cheese, heavy whipping cream, sour cream, and both hard and soft cheese.

I mainly stick with free-range eggs, grass-fed butter, a little bit of cheese and use full-fat milk for .

Be careful not to overeat since it can be pretty easy to do so once you open that tub of greek yogurt.

Heavy CreamCheeses (Full fat)
Whipping CreamGreek Yogurt
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Nuts & Seeds

You should always roast your chosen nuts and seeds so that it’ll remove all the anti-nutrients.

Your best bet is to buy nuts in the shell for the least amount of toxins. Avoid peanuts and peanut butter since calories and stack up super quick.

Your best bet is almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews for healthy fats.

I tend to use a variety of nuts and seeds and incorporate them into keto recipes and snacks.

Small portions are the way to go here as carb content can add up.

Flax seedsSunflower seedsCashews
Pine NutsSesame seedsHemp seeds
AlmondsPumpkin seedsPecans
Macadamia NutsChia SeedsBrazil nuts


A low carb high fat diet has a natural diuretic effect, so dehydration is normal for most people .

If you suffered previously with urinary tract infections or bladder pain, you must be prepared to drink more water.

It’s significantly important to keep hydrated on a ketogenic diet.

Drink liquids (preferably water) day and night at regular intervals to help flush toxins out of the body.

Drink more than the recommended eight glasses of water every day. Herbal tea and coffee are also good for a LCHF diet.

Liquid sweeteners such as stevia are also great to minimize cravings. I often put a few drops in my bulletproof coffee.

Lime JuiceBrothLemon Juice
WaterGreen TeaHerbal Tea
Sparkling Mineral WaterBouillonCoffee
Cashew MilkBlack TeaCoconut Milk
Unsweetened Almond MilkMilk Kefir


Basically, if you are trying to lose weight, then it’s a good idea to avoid fruit.

Following LCHF pretty much cancels out the majority of fruits you’ve been eating all your life.

Consume in moderation with the reservation of avocados, olives, lemon, and lime.


Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices provide much-needed flavor and are essential for keto recipes.

Use them to liven up bland meals, doubly important when your limiting carbohydrates.

Check the ingredient to avoid added salt, sugar, or MSG especially in all-purpose seasonings.

I like to sprinkle various seasoning on meals such as parsley, garlic powder or a pinch cayenne pepper.

There are hundreds of herbs and spices and everyone’s taste buds are different.

Experiment with different seasonings to find what works for you.

SageOreganoCayenne Pepperr
CilantroCinnamonItalian Seasoning
LavenderChilli pepper

Other Keto Foods to Enjoy

There are many other foods you can enjoy on an .

Top your food with a dollop of mayo or salad dressings, always using full fat, no low-fat varieties.

Use coconut or or consume apple cider vinegar.

Almond MealVinegarsPickles
Fish OilsMayonnaiseCocoa Powder
SteviaCoconut FlourAlmond Flour
ErythritolSalad DressingsXylitol
(Full Fat)

Cheat Days

A low carb high-fat lifestyle usually has less or reduced cravings between meals.

If hunger strikes, check if you’re not thirsty since you need more fluids on a keto diet.

Having appropriate snacks is crucial such as a handful of mixed nuts, an avocado or protein bars to nibble on.

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Having a day where you refeed carbs may be an idea if you regularly get intense carb cravings.

A cheat day, similar to a cyclical ketogenic diet may be a day when you eat a much higher amount of carbs and reduce your fats.

It can be useful if you participate in heavy, intense workouts, .

Doing this delays keto-adaptation depending on activity levels but can be a valuable tool if done correctly.

The best rule here is to eat natural foods high in vitamins and minerals. The last thing your body needs is candy, biscuits, and cakes, etc. Sweet potatoes, beans, high glycemic fruits contain the nutrition your body may be craving.

LCHF Foods to avoid

Breakfast Cereals (all sorts)Bread of all kindsBeer, Cider, and Liqueur
SpaghettiLow Fat YogurtsChocolate
CornDried fruitFruit juice
Jam and other preservesBiscuitsCookies
Sweetened YoghurtsBeans and LegumesNoodles
Sugar (all kinds)(honey, agave, blackstrap molasses)Lollies

Hopefully, this LCHF diet food list has been helpful. We are trying to make simpler so as many people can benefit as possible.

It’s a long-term choice to fuel your body with fats instead of carbs and sugars.

If you’ve never tried a high-fat diet before then it’s certainly worth a shot.

Now you have a better understanding of a ketogenic diet and how to start the LCHF way of eating.

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything, what your favorite keto foods are or if you have any questions for us.

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29 thoughts on “How to start a LCHF diet

  1. I am a gastric sleeve patient and have lost 93lbs. I am trying to lose the last 20lbs, and find a life time of eating without all the cravings and stay healthy. Can this be healthy for me in thd long term?

    1. Yes, a high fat keto diet can be extremely healthy in the long term.

      Depending on your previous diet plan, a diet high in healthy fats will provide your body with clean ketone fuel along with nutritious food.

      Not too many years ago it was normal to eat under 50g carbs daily and go without any processed food.

  2. I too am a sleeve surgery person. I have losed 75lbs. I’m now trying to start the keto food plan with my medical Drs advice. i eat most if the foods on the list. but still I’m not losing any weight for the pass few months. i hate to exercise. So I’m trying a chair gym to get started. bad knees. I will also stop late night eatting cause of loneliness. Even going to bed earlier. If keto food plan works for me I will eat this way forever.

  3. how do I get started if I have been a meat and potatoes type of guy all my life. I am now prediabetic. I do not want to having to start diabetic medication. Please help. Thank you.

    1. It can be a significant change, but it is simply about reducing the amount of sugar and increasing fats consumed every day.

      You could start slow by replacing starchy carbs with vegetables and adding butter to meals instead of condiments, etc.

      I was in a similar scenario, and sometimes it takes something drastic to happen before making a change in nutrition.


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