Ketosis for Weight Loss

Ketosis for Weight Loss

A ketogenic diet and being in ketosis is basically a low carb diet that enables the body to produce ketones in the liver that can be converted into energy.

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A keto diet is also known as a low carb diet, ketogenic diet, LCHF (low-carb high-fat). Eating something that is rich in carbohydrates produces an amount of insulin and glucose.

As we all know, the glucose is the easiest element in our body to convert into energy. So in times that you eat foods that have a high amount of carbs, glucose will be the main source of energy. Therefore, the fats in our system will not be used and will just keep on accumulating in our body. What are the benefits of ketosis for weight loss?

Benefits Of Ketosis For Weight Loss

Benefits of ketosis for weight loss
Benefits of ketosis for weight loss, wild herb mixed salad

However, when you lower the intake of carbohydrates, the body will be brought into a ketosis state. The ketogenic diet and being in a state of ketosis is the natural reaction of the body when the amount of food intake is considerably lower than the usual. While we are in this state, the production of ketones in the liver is triggered that has the ability to break down fats. This is not done through fasting and forced starvation which is not good for the body. It will also not require you to minimize your calorie intake.

The only thing you have to do is to watch out for the amount of carbohydrates that you put into your system. The human body has a special way to adapt to the sudden changes in our system. Remove carbs and it will start to produce ketones that will burn away your fat.

The Keto Beginning

Fats for Energy

The primary benefits of ketosis for weight loss is that it builds the body’s capacity to use fats for energy, which is highly impossible when we have a high intake of carbohydrates. Whilst consuming a high-carb diet, the body is always expecting to have the glucose as a source of energy. With ketosis, we are forced to become more efficient, find another source of energy and use the stored fat in our system.

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Low Insulin Level

With a high carb diet, our body needs high insulin to process the glucose and turn it into energy. Insulin has the ability to block the lipolysis that prevents the utilization of fats for energy. When following a ketogenic diet, the level of insulin will be brought down to the lowest level.  Low level of insulin allows the other hormones to work in a more effective way such as the growth hormones.

The Benefits Of Ketosis

ketosis cookbook keto recipes The production of the fatty acid in our system is being triggered by glucagon and epinephrine. It is also being inhibited by the insulin. So, in times you eat too many carbs, the fats will not be converted into fatty acids.

The insulin is secreted by the pancreas to keep the glucose level in our blood in check. On the other hand, if there is not enough glucose in our system like on the ketosis diet, the pancreas will release glucagon. The glucagon is being used to break down the glycogen found in the liver and converts it into energy that we can use. Upon the depletion of the stored glycogen, the amount of oxidation will increase causing our body to enter the state of Ketosis. We can then use the fats which have been converted into energy.

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