Standard Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Standard Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Carb restriction, LCHF, low carb is what people think of when they hear of a keto diet and is the most common type of the ketogenic diet.

The diet is low in carbs, moderate in protein, and high in fat. At all times, you would eat the minimum amount of carbs and is the same as the Atkins Diet induction phase.

Here is a short standard ketogenic diet for weight loss guide.

Losing weight with a standard ketogenic diet
Losing weight with a ketogenic diet

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Carb Restriction and Losing Weight with a Ketogenic Diet

Carbohydrates are restricted to fibrous vegetables only with no, milk or starchy vegetables and, of course, no junk food.

Some fruits can be eaten e.g avocado, olives, berries. Eating fatty cuts of meat over lean varieties is preferred and to cook with butter, ghee and oils.

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Ketogenic Diet Requirements

The standard ketogenic diet typically requires around 20-50 grams of net carbs a day all depending on individual needs and for the majority of people, it is the best approach.

You could say the keto diet is aimed towards people who are mostly sedentary or do a little exercise.

On a ketogenic diet, carbohydrates are severely restricted so it may not appeal to someone who works out regularly at a high intensity or does intense weight training several times a week.

Standard Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss

The standard ketogenic diet can get the fat loss started quickly and help people severely overweight who struggle to exercise. It can also regulate hunger pangs and control cravings. It can also regulate hunger pangs and help control the urges for carbohydrates.

Which food releases stored up toxins & melts belly fat fast?
Which food releases stored up toxins & melts belly fat fast?

Once some weight loss has been achieved and you can exercise without discomfort, you could then switch to a different type of ketogenic diet that is more flexible.

The main overall object of this is to establish ketosis so the body can use fat for fuel thus increasing weight loss.

Once ketosis has been established, you could then follow the targeted ketogenic diet and consume carbs around the time when you workout.

Another option is to try a cyclical ketogenic diet on the weekend or chosen days where you would increase your carb intake during these days.

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