Unusual Ways To Lose Weight

Unusual Ways To Lose Weight

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Men and women alike want to lose weight for various reasons, perhaps purposely through exercise training for fitness contests, health reasons, or just to improve appearance.

Even inadvertent weight loss may occur due to an underlying illness.

Some different ways people go through to lose weight and increase fitness can range from increasing exercise, , decreasing meal portions or change in dietary habits.

There are many weird ways to lose weight and unconventional ways to burn calories.

Here we examine some of the more unusual steps people go through to lose the pounds.

Hypnotism and Fat Loss

There are also people who try to manage weight with hypnosis by seeking to modify behavior.

A study involving adults and children shows that they achieved or are achieving their desired weight loss non-invasive method of hypnosis to treat obesity.

Hypnosis may be able to provide positive results for people with certain personalities.

People who are rebellious or stubborn will often find that hypnosis doesn’t work.

When all means of achieving weight loss have failed, hypnosis may be an unconventional alternative.(1)

Either way, it’s certainly a weird way of reducing belly fat.

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Weight Loss by Sleeping

One of the more intriguing ideas now gaining popularity is the recognition of the fact that sleep and sleep disturbance can do striking things to the human body including possibly affecting your waistline.

Sleep is more than just a necessity; it’s a performance enhancer.

While you get your beauty sleep, your body is working away to repair your body and heal the damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

Cortisol spikes which come from not enough sleep signal the body to save energy to fuel daytime activity.

While a influences hunger and saturation hormones, and can lead to overeating and gaining extra pounds.(2)

Overall, you’re more likely to maintain fat storage than being in fat burning mode.


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Unorthodox Ways to Lose Weight

Lose Weight Using Slimming Creams

You apply the cream to your skin, and the weight simply drops off. Sounds too good to be true and without much scientific proof to back up claims of weight loss it may be just that.

Mind you many people throughout the world claim it has worked for them.

After all, your skin can absorb the ingredients you put on it.

Slimming creams certainly won’t improve fitness levels, or spot reduces fat on your stomach. Only cardiovascular exercise and a diet consisting of will help with overall fat loss and fitness.

Simming creams may make your skin delicate, feel more toned or tighter than usual. With the scented cream you could even use it as an enchanting moisturizer.

You may drop a few pounds using slimming creams making it a weird way to lose weight, but generally, they are relatively pricey products.

Worth a shot if you’re after a lazier approach.

Eliminating Sodium Intake

A diet containing a high amount of salt causes the body to store extra water.

Minimizing consumption of all salty foods and drinks will signal your brain not to retain water. Therefore maintaining optimal water and sodium difference.

Eating natural, wholesome foods are key and avoid adding any salt or salt seasonings to meals.

Of course, avoid all junk foods, processed foods, and especially canned products.

With any type of diet low in carbs or not high, sodium intake is substantially linked to higher risk of strokes and heart disease (3).

You won’t want to keep this up for long since sodium is a mineral essential to health. It performs a fundamental role in managing the volume of water in your cells.

Sodium is particularly important on a ketogenic diet to .

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Using Abdominal Toning Belts

You have seen the commercials with fitness models wearing and using ab toner belts, smiling with extremely low body fat levels.

They make it look so simple! You just need to wear an ab toner belt for 5 minutes to an hour a day and achieve a six-pack.

Physiques like this are crafted through strict long-term dieting and a .

Using body toning or muscle toning belts will certainly help to tone your midsection. If you have a low enough body fat percentage, it’s possible your abs begin peeking out after regular usage of the product.

You will burn a higher amount of calories than if you were just sitting doing nothing. So, technically you can lose weight through using abdominal waist toners such as slendertone belts.

It would take countless hours of usage to achieve significant weight loss though.

Sweat Exercise Vests

The idea of sweat vests is to heighten your bodies own natural tendency of burning calories anytime you are exercising or active.

Here are some ways it can help with weight reduction.

Wearing a sweat vest heats your core body temperature, improves metabolic rate, so your body has to work harder to sustain a healthy core temperature.

It creates an abundance of sweat making your body work extra strenuously to maintain optimal temperature. Therefore, more calories are burnt per hour.

Sweat vests will certainly help you lose water weight, stepping on the scales presents you an illusion of fat loss.

Overall, it may not be a huge fat burning difference, but every calorie counts.

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Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

Supplements such as laxatives, caffeine tablets, fiber supplements such as >psyllium husk are touted as a quick weight loss product.

It may work for the short term but exactly how long do you think that can be kept up?

In the long term, it will put repetitive stress on your heart and organs and seriously damage them. Weakening your digestive system will do nothing for health, fitness, and fat burning.

are great to use but in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, exercise program, and a good nutritious diet consisting of natural foods.

Look for all your nutrition to come from healthy foods then supplement only if necessary.

Weird Ways To Lose Weight Conclusion

Whether you’re following a ketogenic diet, high carb, paleo or vegan diet we recommend through healthy foods, exercise, and lifestyle.

Please share these weird techniques and methods for how can you burn fat the unusual way to slim down.

Also, be sure to check out our articles on low carb high-fat dieting if you’re looking to .

What are your favorite odd, crazy, or unconventional ways to lose weight and obtain a leaner body?

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