Becoming Keto Adapted for Weight Loss – Switch From Carbs To Fat

Becoming Keto Adapted for Weight Loss – Switch From Carbs To Fat

Fat-adaptation on a ketogenic diet can be a long process. It can happen over many weeks when the body switches from using carbs to fat for energy. Becoming keto adapted for weight loss relates to the body’s ability to adjust to using ketones and fatty acids rather than glucose as its primary energy sources. There is no one answer and everyone differs in how the body responds throughout this ketogenic diet adaptation period. We will discuss shifting your body into a state of ketosis, becoming keto adapted for weight loss and switching your body’s primary energy source from glucose to ketones.

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Keto-Adaption and Weight Loss

Becoming Keto Adapted for Weight Loss
Become Keto Adapted with the Ketogenic Diet

When adapting to a ketogenic diet it’s okay to feel a touch more tired and sluggish. You may have a harder time exercising or working out as the body is adapting to a high fat low-carb lifestyle. The body takes a few weeks to get used to a high-fat diet and shift into a state of ketosis to burn ketones for energy, and this, in turn, causes the response. When becoming keto-adapted, your energy levels revert to normal and possibly more than they did on a high-carb diet.

Adapting To A Ketogenic Diet

The brain and major organs can adapt well to using ketones on a high-fat ketogenic diet despite the belief that it can only use carbohydrates.
Also, several studies have shown that seizures can be reduced or prevented using the ketogenic diet.

Make sure to balance your electrolytes and you get enough calories to reduce the symptoms of keto flu. Your body is slowly adjusting to new foods on this low carb high fat diet. If during the adaptation period you get keto flu then the symptoms will be brief as they usually pass after a week or so. Making sure you are getting enough sodium can also help with symptoms of migraines, headaches, cramps and lethargicness on a ketogenic diet. This will only aid your keto adaption for losing weight.

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