Should You Follow a Keto Diet?

Should You Follow a Keto Diet?

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In this day and age, there are countless diets to follow, ranging from Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and so on.

Sometimes it does no good trying to convince people to eat a specific diet it is just something that people have to find out on their own.

The ketogenic diet is one of the more popular diets in the modern era, but it is indeed not new.

Keto has been proven useful for those with epilepsy and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

People practicing a high-fat low carb plan is fast approaching 100 years.

If you are wondering whether a might work for you here are some questions to ask yourself how long should you follow a keto diet.


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How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose

The web is layered with success stories of people using a high-fat ketogenic diet to drop a vast quantity of weight.

It has worked very well for myself and the people I know. I think it is one of the more natural diets to get accustomed to and is very satisfying.

It can work wonders if you are looking to reduce body fat, whether it’s a big or small amount to lose, especially if currently in a .

At first, the weight you lose is mostly water weight.

Consequently, make sure that you are counting calories and eat foods higher in fat and protein while lower in carbs.

I personally think keto works best for obese or overweight people.

It is one of the best diets I have ever tried, and for me, the only one that worked long term. You could also follow it if you have a few pounds to lose.

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Do You Crave More Food after a High Carb Meal

Do you feel hungry within half an hour to an hour after you eat a big carb-heavy starchy meal?

The carbs in the meal are raising blood sugar, which makes you feel like you are hungry again, even though you just consumed a huge dinner and had no need for food anymore.

A ketogenic eating plan shifts your body into a state of ketosis, which helps to regulate blood sugar and limit .

If you find yourself starving and craving food moments after eating, then you should unquestionably check out a keto diet.

Do You Need Carbs to Satisfy You

Occasionally I used to eat my meals then follow up with bread and butter or a bag of chips as I wanted to feel full and satiated.

Regardless of what I ate, whether it was meat or fish dinner, I would fill up on bread so I could get that bloated feeling in my stomach.

I certainly did not need all the extra calories but was simply addicted to that full feeling.

I use those foods as mainly to fill myself up even though they were not doing anything for me. I was just overeating on them.

The benefits of Keto is switching from carbs to healthy fats easily helps to fill you up the same way as .

Do You Prefer a Strict or Lazy Diet

On an LCHF keto plan, you can do either a strict diet or a lazier approach.

People following both paths show progress, and you should expect results regardless.

You can be strict as you want to be. Some people avoid artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat sources, or food with added sugars.

Others follow keto by the book and eat under 20g a day while eating only keto-approved meals and snacks.

I personally do not track and count anything anymore that I eat.

If I feel I overate on the carbs, I simply back off on the next meal or two.

Whatever approach you follow, you are likely to have positive weight loss results as opposed to many other diets.

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Following a keto diet? What can you eat?

Are You Addicted to Certain Foods

While growing up, I remember having a major addiction to foods such as pizza instant noodles.

They were quick and easy meals you could make in minutes.

I could eat them every day without any need for fruits and vegetables.

It took me a while to realize I was eating thousands upon thousands of empty calories.

I should have known better, but I was unknowing addicted to carb-heavy foods.

Going low carb then later keto allowed me to break off that useless carb addiction that was keeping me overweight and in a poor state of health.

If you are addicted to starchy, processed or junk foods and want to get your health back, then keto would be a good choice.

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What Type Of Food Do You Enjoy

Since I can remember, my favorite part of a meal even was always meat, fish, or animal source, even if I am eating carbs.

As I was cutting carbs, it was easily manageable to stick to a keto nutrition plan as I was already eating my favorite part of the meal.

If you are that person whose ideal part of meals is pasta, rice, bread, then it will be more difficult for you to make the switch.

Even if you sense you cannot live with starchy carbs, you should still give a keto lifestyle a try.

If only to see how you react to foods lower in sugar and the potential weight loss benefits.

Do You Want a Complex or a Simple Diet

Are you someone who requires a simple or complex diet?

There are now many products to help people on a ketogenic diet. Some people enjoy special ingredients and making new delicious recipes.

Others prefer a more straightforward approach sticking to basic meals consisting of meat, fish, and vegetables with fats such as butter or .

I follow a more simplistic way of eating as it makes my life much easier. Not that I do not indulge in experimenting with new recipes, but it works for me.

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Motivation Levels

Do you have difficulty staying motivated within a few weeks of starting a new diet?

I have not attempted many regimes apart from Paleo, and an but have heard many failures from people trying various diets.

In the first couple of weeks following a keto or , you will lose lots of water weight up to ten pounds or more.

It will help tremendously to motivate you in the future and make you say this diet is worth my time.

If you have much body fat to lose, you can expect to see that weight drop off in the next few months without watching your calorie intake.

It is a huge motivation, and it also helps keeps you on a diet.

Are You Diabetic

Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible as long as you control your sugar and carb intake.

A high-fat approach takes the sugar and starches out of the equation.

It will naturally help regulate blood sugar by putting you into an optimal ketosis state also ideal for fat burning.

Even though I was not diagnosed, I was sure I was pre-diabetic just a few years ago.

I had a few symptoms, such as frequent urination at night, increased thirst, along with others.

A few months of following a ketogenic diet, and all the symptoms slowly went away.

I believe cutting the carbs, and even protein intake helped reverse illnesses within my body.

Be sure to check with your doctor whether this diet is right for you.

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Are You Ready to Adapt Your Lifestyle

A low carb ketogenic lifestyle focuses on foods you will eat for an extended period.

Family and friends will make it difficult for you always telling you to eat some fruits and starchy foods.

If you realize that it is about changing your lifestyle for the better and you are ready to commit, you need not worry about what other people think.

Eating keto was a sustainable lifestyle change for me since I was simply eating food I enjoyed and did not feel deprived.

Losing excess weight, then maintaining a lean body was also a factor.

I eat great meals consisting of meats, fish, , and healthy fats and I know I will follow this diet for many years to come.

The days I eat high carbs it may kick me out of ketosis for a day or so, but it fits in conveniently with a HIIT exercise session and around family life.

I am not a cheat day sort of person and use it mainly on the weekends or when the day requires it.

If cheat meals work for you, then carry on but just be wary. It is a so be sure not to make it a regular occurrence.

Otherwise, you are straight back to a typical high carb eating plan.

How Long Should I follow a Ketogenic Diet?

Any diet you follow no matter if it is keto, vegetarian, or requires dedication.

When you are trying to lose weight and improve health, it is essential to make it sustainable in the long run.

You should enjoy a healthy meal plan and love the foods you eat.

A high fat ketogenic diet works well for me as I enjoy the food that I eat.

However, maybe you do not want to eat all the extra meat or fat.

As far as improving health and wellness, along with dropping a few pounds, keto is worth a shot.

Have you started following a ketogenic lifestyle? If so, what is your experience with it?

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3 thoughts on “Should You Follow a Keto Diet?

  1. I started the Keto diet 2 months ago and I lost 6 lbs the first week gained them all back and have not lost any more since. I guess this diet is not for me. Any advice will help. I am mostly looking to lose a lot of belly fat.

  2. I am on the Ketogenic Lifestyle and it’s all about being consistent. This is a lifestyle change for me and I realize that the weight will come back if I don’t continue. I have dropped 2pant sizes and I can wear t shirts to work now because my stomach doesn’t hang over my waistband. This is what this Way of Eating has done for me. I stay away from bananas which I love but if I eat a peach I know I can eat anymore for awhile because it’s just not worth it!


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