Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

If you are following a ketogenic lifestyle then oftentimes you can find yourself feeling exhausted after an intense workout.

If performing weight training, you may want to be consuming additional carbohydrates before and/or after your workout if you struggle to exercise at a high intensity.

Perhaps your recovery is much longer than it usually is or you simply struggle to implement a ketogenic diet 7 days a week for losing weight.

We will learn about the benefits of starting a targeted ketogenic diet for weight loss.

Starting a targeted ketogenic diet for weight loss
Starting a targeted ketogenic diet for weight loss

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How to start a targeted ketogenic diet?

A traditional keto diet is based solely around the consumption of moderate protein and high fats while keeping carbohydrate intake to a bare minimum.

People may want to use some of the principles of the ketogenic diet but don’t wish to drop the carbohydrates completely every day.

Check out our keto diet food pyramid for a rough guide what to eat on keto.

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The principle behind this diet is somewhat comparable to that of a Cyclonic Ketogenic Diet.

With a TKD you would eat carbohydrates immediately before and after weight training workouts.

Doing this gives your body the energy it needs to lift with a higher volume and at higher intensities and increase the effectiveness of your workout.

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Athletes involved in high-intensity sprinting exercises will also likely want to use a targeted ketogenic diet as this type of training requires carbohydrates in the system beforehand if you hope to produce optimal results.

The same rules apply for a keto diet for bodybuilding to build muscle and burn fat.

On a low carbohydrate diet sprinting is usually not something most people should be doing.

Especially if calories are low as it’s going to be hard to do compared to someone that is consuming a standard, higher carbohydrate diet.

Starting a targeted ketogenic diet for weight loss

To start up a targeted ketogenic diet just follow the method regarding protein consumption as a standard ketogenic diet but allow an extra amount depending on how hard you workout.

Then determine the number of calories of carbohydrates you wish to consume before and after your workouts.

Doing this allows you to consume some carbs on a daily basis so to keep your body out of ketosis. This can provide much more energy for your exercise and fuel your workouts.

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It is really up to you whether or not you want to eat extra carbs on days you don’t workout.

Some people will prefer to keep some carbs in on these days but lower them slightly while others might choose to remove them altogether.

Depending on your goals and activity levels this would vary enormously.

If you are very active, you would want to consume more carbs. Sedentary or moderately active people would need fewer carbs.

If looking to lose weight, you would have fewer carbs whereas more if you were looking to build muscle.

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Starting a targeted ketogenic diet for weight loss would be excellent for those who are looking to gain mass but want to manage their blood sugar levels.

During periods when it’s most likely they won’t get converted into body fat carbs are consumed.

Additional carbs also make this diet more anabolic due to increased insulin levels. This is very significant whenever you are attempting to increase muscle mass.

If you’re looking for more ketogenic diet lifestyle and tips then be sure to check out our keto blog.

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